How I started

Like most job-hunts go I was in dire need of cash back then, when I came upon this office-based ESL company. A friend of mine recommended the job and because the idea of having conversations with foreign individuals appealed to me, I decided to give it a shot. Trust me, you need more than this motive to get the job.

Turns out my excitement couldn’t compensate the fact that I was inexperienced and was clueless as to what this job requires so I failed in the first job company that I applied to. I might write a separate post on how to prepare for ESL job applications soon but for the meantime, let’s just say that I came unprepared. The idea of this job was all new to me that time and I was surprised as to how fast this industry is growing. The industry sounded so promising and peaked my interest to the point that I even made a thesis about it later on.


The actual point of this post

Fast-forward I got the job and here are the top perks that I’m enjoying right now.



Most companies offer a flexible schedule for their employees. You can plot your own schedule as to time and day. Since you are compensated on the hours that you put in, what reflects on your pay-day is basically up to you. Some would require a minimum number of teaching hours for home-based instructors whereas for office-based most companies that I know of gives you the freedom to set four (4) rest days  every (15) fifteen days. Not bad for planned getaways or appointments.



Flexibility leads to positivity. I’ve known a lot of instructors who made the transition from working part-time to full-time. Eventually you realize that this job gives you more time for other priorities without abandoning your financial responsibilities. For home-based instructors it gives you the same salary and most times even more for a job that would take you an hour or two to commute. The bed and kitchen are just 10 steps away and besides who’d argue it’s more comfortable working in your favorite pajama paired with a formal top.




I cannot stress enough how much this job has made me grow. From news articles to material exercises, each class with a student is an opportunity for your own growth. Yes, you are the instructor however the amount of learning you get from the students is unmeasurable and you finish each class with a new learning and a new perspective on things.



Though some find it challenging adjusting to the unique personality of each student every 25-30 minute class, this factor adds value to this job. From an avid fan of movies, to one who likes classic literature, and to someone who can’t stop talking about the latest fitness trends, one will never feel bored with the varied personalities you encounter in each class.



This one is a bit tricky because we have to be reminded of keeping our relationships professional but it is inevitable to become friends with a regular student who’s been taking your classes daily for months.Some students wouldn’t mind sharing about their personal life when they start opening up to you, telling you about their day, and even recent accomplishments of their child.  It would be rude to refuse genuine friendship. As long as we know where to draw the line, it’s easy to maintain such healthy friendly relationships.



Okay so I’m enjoying the job, established new friendships and I get to grow myself as well but would I stick to this job if I am not well compensated? Of course not. Average salary would range from ₱100-₱250 an hour and depending on your certificates and experience, it can reach up to ₱300-₱800 an hour. I know a lot of freelance instructors who set their own rates per hour thus I can attest that reaching such rate is not impossible.


So here’s the part where I’m supposed to insert the link to the company I’m working for and ask you to use my referral code. Perhaps I’ll do that in future posts or upon any reader’s request. If you do have questions and have more to add to this list, know that I’m just an e-mail away. Hope to hear from you, happy teaching!